Friday, August 26, 2011

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Below is an article from Plein Air Magazine's Website, on my new DVD!See it from the original source at:

DVD on Self-Portraits

Written by  Steve Doherty
A close-up of Siegel painting A close-up of Siegel painting

Throughout the history of art, artists have found their own images to be among the most interesting, mysterious, and revealing subjects in nature. Californian Michael Siegel has just released an instructional DVD that provides helpful tips for going through the entire process of painting your own portrait.

A close-up showing the self-portrait nearing completion

The completed self-portrait Michael Siegel creates during the filmed program

Painting the Self-Portrait with Michael Siegel runs approximately 2hours and 45 minutes and includes detailed information about selecting and mixing colors, handing brushwork, and understanding the logic and inspiration behind the process. The DVD is available for $95 (plus shipping and applicable taxes) through the artist’s website at

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